Improve your posture and flexibility, helping to relieve pain or power up your workouts.

Stretch therapy

Moving Stretch® is a type of resistance stretching created by Suzanne Wylde to help people improve their posture, performance and physical condition. It is both a method of self-stretching (you do stretches) and assisted stretching (a practitioner stretches you) which focuses on working with the fascia of the body to change the body in a lasting and effective way.

Fascia is the dense connective tissue which runs through and around everything in our body from head to toe, making us the shape that we are and supporting every bone, muscle and organ. This is why working on the fascia can deliver strong changes throughout the body; we are working directly on the main structure of our body.

Suzanne’s clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds as this system can be adapted for each client, from 8 to 80-year-olds. Whether you are experiencing a biomechanical issue, pain or just want to be healthier and more flexible, it is likely that having a Moving Stretch session will make a big difference to you.

Many clients come with issues such as poor posture, neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, wanting to improve performance for sport and exercise and other physical issues. Each session includes walking massage, assisted stretching and self-stretches to take home so you can continue to make progress.

Suzanne is the author of Moving Stretch: Work Your Fascia to Free Your Body and has been reviewed in The Times, The Evening Standard, The Guardian, Tatler and Psychologies amongst other publications.

Clients have said: “Best thing I have done for my body! Changed how I think about stretching and improving my body functioning and performance” and “Does what it says on the tin. You feel amazing after”.

Book in with Suzanne

Suzanne offers 1-to-1 sessions at Breathe London in Waterloo and Covent Garden.

Rates vary from £80 for one hour, email to book your session.

The Jubilee Hall Gym is owned and run by the Jubilee Hall Trust, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote the health of the communities in which we work.
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